Pension Auto Enrolment

Don’t bury your head and hope it will go away!

How does it work in practical terms and how will it affect you and your employees?

Many businesses don’t yet fully grasp what Pension Auto Enrolment means for them and their employees (even if they only have one employee). Businesses ignoring the implications may risk facing fines and penalties unnecessarily.

Whatever stage your business is at, we can help you and the sooner you get started the better. We will help you understand the HR contractual aspects of the changes to you, your business and your employees together with preparation you will need to undertake with your employees to get ready for your staging “go live” date.

For example:

  • Assessing your workers: Eligible jobholders, Non-Eligible jobholders and Entitled workers
  • Communication – telling your people about PAE
  • Contractual changes to terms and conditions
  • Employee Handbook information and;
  • Induction Training information
  • Recruitment implications of PAE

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We are hosting FREE Pension Auto Enrolment Seminars in the Swindon area throughout 2016/17 aimed at helping businesses understand the  Pension Reform Act and the things they need to consider when planning for their staging date.

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