People Training and Development

Training employees is certainly one of the most valuable investments that any business can make. Training and Development improves knowledge and skills in an individual or group and making it easier for people to do their job, increasing productivity and making a greater impact on your business bottom line profits. It might be tempting in the current climate to make cutbacks, but training is one area in which you should invest.

NEW – Up-Skilling during Lean Times

This is a flexible approach to help businesses achieve best value for money across a wide range of subjects. We bring training activities in to your team meetings as part of a package of interventions. This will save you costs on bringing people together especially for training. We believe training people need not be a long, drawn out process. In our experience, often the most impactful changes are brought about by a few simple messages delivered by a skilful trainer. Training & Development available from People Issues HR Services 2018-2019

Team Build – Team Development Events

We provide classroom based team build – team development events which are focused on developing a range of individual and team skills. The exercises are designed to be highly involving and have an emphasis on learning through fun. Whether it’s a treasure hunt, solving a murder mystery or building a fish tank for sharks everyone has to pull together, doing something different, to achieve the goal.

These motivational events can be a full day, half day or a two hour session at a team meeting. The exercises are designed to re-energise individuals and re-engages teams to deliver results.

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