Performance Management

Managers who lead businesses need to behave in line with the stated core values of the business. Performance Management is the way they ensure alignment between strategic goals and individual activity and behaviours. It creates a line of sight between what the individual does and what the business needs.

Performance Management is the system through which businesses set work goals, determine performance standards, assign and evaluate work, provide performance feedback, determine training and development needs and distribute rewards.

Our Performance Management Programme is geared to assist management to:-

  • Prepare for a Performance Review
  • Recognise good performance and address performance problems early and confidently
  • Give constructive feedback; solve performance problems positively and constructively
  • Take appropriate action if employees do not improve their performance
  • Improve personal effectiveness – goal setting, assertiveness, mind-set and motivation
  • Develop 121 Performance Coaching Skills and Appraisal Training

Performance Management Case Study

Working with a business in the manufacturing sector we used process mapping to identify some areas of poor business performance. We then attributed costs to those areas and identified £55,000 of internal issues not being tackled or resolved. We developed and delivered a Management Performance Toolkit, which included Personal Action Plans, Appraisals and Performance Reviews to ensure both managers and team members were targeted and focused on resolving these issues. This improved the business bottom-line financial performance and covered the £1,500 costs of our services.

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